Long Curtain Bangs

Nowadays, there are various hairstyles and haircuts that are in trend and make you stand out from the crowd. You can choose the hairstyle as per your choice, face structure, and hair type. Moreover, in this post, we are discussing about the curtain bangs that give you a pretty look and definitely bring back the hair vibes of the’70s era. The curtain bangs look nice with short hair also, but long curtain bangs look best.

List of the Best Long Curtain Bangs

Shoulder Length Hair Curtain bangs

Shoulder Length Hair Curtain bangs are one of the highly preferred hairstyles for teenage girls. It makes you look glamorous and goes below the cheekbones giving an exceptional look. Moreover, if you are the one who has a fat face then you must try this hairstyle as it will make your face appear sleek and pretty.

Curtain Bangs in Layers

If you’re bored of your old hairstyle then you should go for the Curtain bangs in Layers hairstyle. This layered bang haircut is known for flattering the shape of your face and giving you a new look. In addition to this, you can also use a hair spray to keep your bangs in place in an efficient manner.

Short Hair Long Curtain Bangs

Long Curtain Bangs look nice on long hair but you can also try this hairstyle on short hair as well. It will add more volume to your short hair and lifts the hair roots. Also, as per your choice, you can ask your hairstylist for a curtain fringe that will help in highlighting the features of your face.

Messy Long Curtain Bangs

You may have heard about messy buns or messy braid hairstyles. But you can also go for Messy Long Curtain Bangs if you have medium or long hair. It is one of the coolest and trending look that is very much popular amongst the ladies. Furthermore, the ladies who want a nice hairstyle with easy upkeep then they must try this hairstyle.

Long Curtain Bangs with a messy ponytail

Many ladies love ponytails but want a trendy hairstyle then they must choose Long Curtain Bangs with a messy ponytail. You can also convert it into a messy bun with nice curtain fringes that frame your face nicely as well as draw attention to the best features of the face by contouring them effectively.

Straight Hair with Curtain Fringe

This awesome hairstyle works best on straight hair and shapes the face frame beautifully. As per your choice you can part the hair from the center or side with fringes hitting the cheekbone. In addition, this hairstyle suits well on both thin and thick hair. To add a little bit attraction to this hairstyle choose to highlight the strands of the fringes.

Final Thoughts

Bangs are one the best hairstyles when it comes to framing the structure of a face. Long curtain bangs add more dimensions to frame the face in a perfect way. This hairstyle is perfect to go to parties, attend any special occasions, and even college as well. Apart from this, we hope that you will surely choose one of the Long curtain bangs hairstyles given above in the post and challenge yourself to try a new look.

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