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In addition, to wearing a nice outfit, and having an awesome hairstyle, the one more important thing the ladies are worried about is elegant nails. Some years ago, the only way to have attractive nails is by applying nail paint. But nowadays, there are various nail designs and ideas that are in trend and you can choose from them as per your choice. Nail art is being very popular amongst the ladies and if you are the one who is looking for ideas to get elegant nails then you are at the right place. In this elegant nail designs article, you will find the list of the best nail designs and ideas that you should try in 2022.

# List of best elegant nail designs and ideas:

French Tip nails

This is one of the most popular nail designs that are always in trend. The French Tip nails are ideal for every occasion and also go well with the professional outfit. So, if you are the one who has a sophisticated sense of fashion then you can try this nail design. Moreover, applying transparent nail paint after getting this nail design will add an extra beautiful touch to it.

Heart Negative Space Nails

The heart negative space nails design complement all skin tones and the heart design looks very gorgeous. You can choose the color of your choice to create the heart shapes as per the outfit you are wearing or the occasion. This design will highlight your elegant nails as well as enhance your overall beauty.

Polka design nails

This is one of those nail art designs that are very easy to do even at home also. These designs require two-color nail paints and to make them you don’t need any special artistic skills. So, choose the two-color nail paint of your choice and use one of them as the base. After that apply the second color of nail paint in the form of polka dots. You can create dots in different sizes and express your playful side.

Long Gold nails with stones

Long nails are always the favorite of many ladies and look very nice also if maintained properly. The gold color is widely linked with wealth and applying it to your nails will definitely add a spark to your overall appearance. For a shiny finish, you can also add some stones to it which will look superb and help you to get many compliments.

Gingham Nails

When it comes to getting a simple nail design with beauty, Gingham nails is one of those nail designs that you must go for. Gingham is a checkered or striped pattern that is created by using different nail paints and mainly includes white and other colors. For getting the gingham elegant nails you can also use your favoritecolor nail paint. Many ladies prefer to use bold hues like orange and red and include a nice blend of pastels.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nail design is super charming and it looks very good on short nails as well. This nail design can be created by using the nail paint shade of your choice and you can add the floral design over a bright base coat. In addition to this, you can create this design according to the outfit you are wearing to make it more eye-catching.

Glitter nail design

For any special occasion if you want to get elegant nails then choosing the glitter nail design is a good idea. This nail idea is very much trendy and can be created very easily without any hassles. You can opt for the glitter color of your choice and apply it to your nails. This design looks awesome on both short as well as long nails. After applying the glitter to your nails don’t forget to apply transparent nail paint to get an excellent finishing. Therefore, glitter nail designs create visual interest and are glamorous also.

Matte Nails

Last on the list of elegant nail designs and ideas is Matte Nails. This nail idea looks very stunning on nails of all lengths as well as shapes. For a nice and soft look, you can select various pastel colors such as pink, light purple, and peach. Matte nails are also perfect for office gatherings and parties also. Moreover, you can get these nails in a few minutes and is a must-try nail design.

Final Words

It’s always fun and exciting to go for nail art and to jazz up your nails you can choose from various designs or ideas. All the ideas for elegant nails given above in the post are very pretty and can be created in both long and short nails. Apart from this, after getting the nail art done you should take care of the nails properly and use a good brand of nail paint. Hence, what are you waiting for? Choose the nail design ideas of your choice and get it done!

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