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The Best Colours to Use for Your Spring Makeup Looks

Spring makeup looks

Spring makeup is warm, radiant and rosy. You should look pink and bright-eyed, ready to welcome the new season of life and growth! With this in mind, we’ve developed a list of the best colours to use for your Spring makeup looks.

Springtime brings a whole new range of makeup trends with it, and there are so many vibrant pigments and sweet pastels you can play around with! Don’t wait to read on for more, and get your Spring off to a great start.

Lime Green

So, you may think we’re starting off a little strong by suggesting that you use a vibrant lime green in your makeup look, but this is one of the best colours to use this Spring!

Lime green is an impactful colour but not overly dramatic, and works well to enhance the beauty of all eyes – brown, green or blue.

Whether you dab a touch of lime green shadow in the corners of your eyes as a unique highlight, or apply it as a gorgeous winged liner, you’re sure to take this Spring by storm.

Blush Pink

A classic Springtime colour for a reason, blush pink can make you look flushed, happy and floral! We recommend using the colour blush pink as less of an eyeshadow, and more of a blush or lipstick.

By sweeping a blush pink shade across the apples of your cheeks, or perfecting your pout with a blush pink lipstick, you can really embody the flowery essence of Spring in your makeup.

If you’re suited to a doll-like, bright-eyed look, blush pink is absolutely the right shade to use.

Pastel Yellow

In Spring, flowers are blooming everywhere, and the sun is shining high in the sky! For this reason, what better way to represent the season than with a pastel yellow makeup look?

Pastel yellow is a difficult colour to master, but it can look good on a variety of different complexions if a pigmented shadow, highlight or blush is used.

Try it as a bold, creative eyeshadow look or use it as a sweet highlight, dotted on the tip of your nose and the high points of your cheeks.

Deep Purple

Much like the blossoms of a flowering pansy or petunia, deep purple can be a wonderful addition to your Springtime makeup looks.

As a rich, pigmented shade, purple must be used carefully in makeup, but with gusto! Line the bottoms of your eyes with purple shadow, or even go out of your comfort zone with a deep purple lipstick.

Deep purple is a statement colour, and you have to be willing to commit to the flamboyant effect it will have on your Springtime makeup look. Rest assured, the commitment will be worth it.


Black isn’t the most common of Springtime colours, as it’s usually associated with the cold bite of Winter. This is extremely unfortunate! Black is a more diverse, adaptable colour than people realise. In fact, black can be used to great effect in Spring makeup looks.

Use it as an eyeshadow perfect for a dramatic smoky eye, and pair your black shadow with a soft blush that’s more of a traditional Springtime shade. This balances your makeup between dark and light, much like Spring is the perfect balance between Summer and Winter.

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