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For many people, braces are a part of their day-to-day life. It’s a big decision to get braces for correcting a dental problem. But one more thing that they are worried about is choosing the braces colors. It may seem like a challenging task and that’s why we are here to help you in solving this task. In this post, we are giving you some important tips and essential information that you must know while choosing the braces colors.

# Important tips for choosing the braces colors :

Braces Color Wheel

Nowadays, you can select the various colors for your braces from the braces color wheel. This wheel has numerous shades of every color of the rainbow and you must ask your orthodontist for it.

Braces Band Colors

Before choosing any color you must consider some factors while selecting the correct braces color. These are as follows:

  1. Age- Adults mainly prefer neutral tones whereas teenagers choose bright braces colors.
  2. Your skin tone- It’s always good to choose braces color that goes well with your skin tone. Darker skin tones look nice with teal, gold, magenta, vibrant pink, fuchsia, and ruby red. Whereas, for lighter skin tones you can choose bronze, raspberry, blue-green, dark purple, and other as per your choice.
  • Hair and eyes color- You can also pick the braces colors according to the color of your eyes and hair. Dark color braces look good with dark hair and light color braces go well with light hair color. Additionally, for dark brown eyes it’s good to choose dark green or dark blue color braces, and for blue eyes pink and light blue color looks very nice.
  1. Shade of your teeth- Always remember that you must select braces colors that brighten your teeth. The stains like yellow and brown should be avoided as these colors will make your teeth look more yellow.


Best Color Combinations

When it comes to celebrating your favorite season or cheering your favorite sports teams then it’s good to combine the various colors. You can combine about two to three colors in an alternate manner and people mainly prefer to choose a maximum up to three colors because four can look busy. Apart from this, some amazing seasonal combinations for braces rubber bands comprises are as follows:

  1. Green and light blue for the spring season
  2. Orange and black or glow-in-the-dark for Halloween Party
  • For autumn Orange and Red
  1. For winter Silver and Gold
  2. For Christmas Green and Red color


Discuss the braces’ colors with your orthodontist

You can also ask your orthodontist about the braces colors that you must go for. An orthodontist can suggest you choose the color as per your skin tone, highly demanded color, and consider various other factors as well. In addition to this, after applying the braces if you don’t like them then don’t worry. It can possibly grow well on you with the passage of time and you may start liking it.

Change Braces Colors

If after some time you are not satisfied with the color of your braces then you can select new colors at each appointment with your orthodontist. After every four to eight weeks you can for changing the braces’ colors. Hence, in case the brace color doesn’t work for you then you don’t have to live with a color for a longer period of time.

# Braces Colors for Girls :

Generally, the choice of girls in choosing braces colors is different from boys. The popular choices of braces colors for girls are given below:

  1. Pink
  2. Yellow

iii.      Aqua

  1. Light Blue
  2. Purple
  3. Neon Green

vii.     Magenta

# Braces Colors for Boys :

When it comes to boys then they may choose different braces colors as compared to the girls. Some color suggestions are given below:

  1. Navy Blue
  2. Black

iii.      Blue

  1. Dark violet
  2. Orange
  3. Sky Blue

vii.     Bronze

viii.    Red

# Proper care of braces and regular upkeep:

It doesn’t really matter that which brace color you choose if you don’t keep them clean and take proper care. As the rubber bands are elastic and become less effective with time. That’s why the orthodontists change it out when you visit them. Moreover, it’s up to you to keep the same braces colors throughout or try another new color. You must strictly follow the instructions given by your orthodontist about caring for your braces. Staining and properly maintained braces affect the appearance of the bands no matter what color braces you choose.

# Final Words :

Nowadays, there are many braces color options available and you can easily choose them from the color wheel. People can choose the color as per their choice that suits them well. Therefore, we hope that all the important tips and information given above in the article will help you in picking the braces colors efficiently.

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