One of the most popular treks in southern India’s hiking community. Trekkers new to the Western Ghats and even seasoned trekkers rave about the Tadiandamol Trek.The hill towns of Madikeri and Coorg attract a large number of visitors to the route.

The hike culminates in the summit of Kodagu and Karnataka’s third-highest peak.

One of the most popular Western ghats treks is the Tadiandamol trip, which takes place in the Bhagamandala Range Forest.

You’ll traverse streams and dense shola trees on your way to lovely meadows while hiking here.Tadiandamol’s summit and the experience of traveling through the sky are both exhilarating.

Even if you are an experienced explorer, this expedition will put your physical and mental endurance to the test. This hike is doable even by inexperienced hikers. If you want to come up with a sound approach, take the time to read the tips and detailed information provided in the guidebook.

Why should you choose Tadiandamol Trek as your destination?

Kakkabe, a little town, is where the Tadiandamol trek begins. Virajpet, a major town in Madikeri’s Virajpet district, is around 25 kilometers away. Virajpet is a town in Karnataka, close to the state of Kerala. You may travel to Tadiandamol by car.

This link will help you set up Google Maps navigation if you’re driving from Bangalore to Kakkabe.

For those who don’t wish to visit the Kakkabe hamlet, the Aramane junction provides an alternative route.

For a more in-depth explanation, see the following sections.

If you’re coming from Bangalore, the Bangalore-Mysore highway is the best route to take. Bypass the Mandya crossing and look for the KRS road to avoid heading into the heart of Mysore. The KRD road is located just after the Srirangapatna bridge. If you want to get around, you’ll have to go right.

Virajpet is the first place you’ll want to go from here. The road weaves through little towns and villages that are a joy to see. 

Virajpet, the next stop after Bilikere, is just around the corner. 

Leaving Virajpet, take the Virajpet-Byndoor route. Virajpet-Talakaveri may be reached by turning left at the Kadanur crossroads.

From the Kadanur intersection, you’ll pass through the lovely Brahmagiri Sanctuary perimeter on your way to the destination. To the point where you reach either the Aramane intersection or Kakkabe, you’ll be able to enjoy your ride if you drive cautiously on these roads. 

Getting to Tadiandamol on the Cheap

On most treks, getting to Kakkabe is more difficult than getting to other base settlements. If you take a bus from Bangalore to Kakkabe, you’ll reach your destination by 8 a.m.

You may see the details here. Tickets can be purchased online on the KSRTC website for buses between Bangalore and Virajpet.

To embark on the Tadiandamol Trek, when is the optimum time to do so?

Hiking Tadiandamol is best done between September and February.

A few days of dry weather will allow for a burst of color to grace the lush vegetation of the Coorg region.  As summer approaches, the trail will be mostly covered with a brown and green mash-up. In contrast to the monsoon season when visibility was reduced, the sights will be clearer now. 

Wildfires are more likely to break out during the warm months of the year.

Therefore, trekking is forbidden during the peak summer months (April to June).

During the monsoon season, the area receives a lot of rain. If you’re going during the monsoon, be sure to pack everything you’ll need. Because of monsoon season rains, the walk gets more challenging.

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Essentials for the Tadiandamol Trail

  • *Sunglasses & Identity Card* Basic First Aid Kit
  • Add salt and lemon juice to your electrolyte powder or drink (Electral or Gatorade, etc.)
  • Snacks that pack a lot of energy (Nuts & dry fruits, home-baked cake, etc.)
  • A whistle, rubber bands, and safety pins are all you need to get started (Useful in emergencies.)
  • Avoid cotton t-shirts in favor of Quick Dry T-shirts, which dry more quickly.
  • A poncho should only be worn during the rainy season.
  • Electronic items should only be wrapped with plastic sheeting during the monsoon season.
  • Sunscreen with a high SPF (SPF 50+) is recommended.
  • You might also use trekking poles.
  • There are scissors Band Aids in the first aid kit (Regular & Waterproof)
  • narcotic pain reliever aerosol spray (Relispray, Volini, etc.)
  • Infectious Disease Antiseptic Solution (Savlon, Dettol etc.)
  • antibacterial powder (Povidone-Iodine based powders like Cipladine, Savlon, etc.)
  • Crepe and Cotton Bandage Rolls
  • Microporous tape
  • Avomine Tablet (Acidity, Motion Sickness) (Gelusil, Digene, etc.).
  • A modest pain-relieving tablet (Crocin)

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