Located about 50 km from the southwest of Bangalore, is Ramanagara. Known as the “Silk City”, it is the headquarters of Ramanagar district. The district is a part of Bangalore division. Ramanagara is known for its idyllic hills, massive stones in the reserve forests, reservoirs, historical temples, gushing streams etc.

In ancient times, it was ruled by the Ganges, Cholas, Hoysalas, and the Mysore Kings. The uniqueness, however, does not stop there as it shot to popularity when Sholay was filmed here in the 70’s. Ramanagra is one of the 31 districts of Karnataka in the southern region of India. The district was carved out of the former Bengaluru rural district on 23rd August 2007. It encompasses Ramanagara, Channapatna, Harohalli, Kanakapura and Magadi taluks. Ramanagara shares its borders with the districts of Bangalore urban in the east, Bangalore rural in the north-east, Tumkur in the north-west, Mandya in the west and Chamaraj nagar in the south-west. Ramanagra is widely regarded for its massive rocky outcroppings. One of the most visited places for rock-climbing are : Savndurga which is 31 km away from Ramanagara, Ramadevarabetta located in the city, Sri Rama Siddeshwara Betta (SRS)which is 15.1 km away from Ramanagara, Theginkalbetta close to SRS and Kabbaladurga which is 35 km from Ramanagara.


Traveling here is easy if you’re staying in Bangalore, as it is only 50 km southwest of Bangalore.


Bangalore has the nearest international airport. You can catch a plane, as it is only about 90 km and only takes 2 hours to reach.


By road it will only take you 50 km from Bangalore. You can grab government buses and private buses, which regularly shuffle back and forth, and also tour tourists between Ramanagara, Bangalore and Mysore. You can hire taxis and rental cars. You can also drive your own car via the Bangalore-Mysore highway enroute NH275.


You can take trains from Bangalore and Mysore to Ramanagara. You can also hire autos and taxis from the railway station to the city center.

Now that we know how to get there, let’s dive into how you can camp here all by yourself!


Camping at Ramanagara can be fun and challenging. You might be experienced or a beginner at camping, but still need to plan it effectively. What you need to see, where you have to climb, what to carry, what to pack and so much more.

Therefore, we have set up an itinerary for you which you can follow yourself and have a great climb.



This package includes Meals, Trekking, Camping, etc.

This package includes camping amid lush grasslands, and the river ramanagara to gaze up at the evening sunset.

A thrilling climb with exploration of the Ramanagara caves.

While camping, you can also try zip lining, kayaking and other fun outdoor activities.

Camping is best cosied with your family or your friends’ squad and sleep beneath the stars.

Lunch and breakfast would be provided.


  • Camping starts around 11 am and ends around the same time the next day.
  • Experience nature at its best, with grassy hills with panoramic views and quiet, glittering lakes
  • Tour the Ramanagara caves, which are of historic value as you can see the chan
  • ge through the years from the cave drawings
  • You could also swim in the lakes
  • Try outdoor activities like kayaking, zip lining, boating etc.
  • Camping is really fun with homely touches to relax, while staying in trents like an explorer.
  • You can make great bonfires with great conversations, great music, dancing, and looking up countin million stars in the sky.


The campsite is only 48.7 km from Bangalore, and can drive down there. You could also hire a vehicle to reach here.




Come around noon and grab a bite. Afterwards, you can take part in some adventure activities like rain dances with music, swimming and a coracle ride.

Towards the evening, refill your sugar level. Make a bonfire for the night, where you can relax and enjoy with your peers.

Day 2

Start trekking as early as 6 am. So that you can enjoy climbing and sightseeing along the way. Refill your sugar level and wait for the exciting activities like rock climbing, combing through thick forests, picnic near rivers, etc to start.

Be back by afternoon to check out at camp.

That’s all folks! Make sure to try our recommended packages and travel safely. Until next time.

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